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Approach To Care

Our approach to care focuses on offering elderly people the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe, manageable and comfortable environment; plus support and stimulation to help them to maximize their potential physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacity. Residents should be involved in all decisions affecting their lives. The underlying assumption should be that residents are capable of making choices about the way they wish to lead their lives. To ensure this takes place all care plans are prepared after full consultation with each resident, the care plan becomes our contract of care with the individual.
  All care plans are reviewed monthly or where there is a significant change to a resident’s care plan. A copy of the plan is held by the resident and management. By adopting a key worker system of care where the resident is allocated a named carer to help with their daily routines, the opportunity exists for the relationship to become one of companionship. This allows for the Key Worker to ensure residents are able to pursue any hobbies or interests outside of the home as well as encouraging them to participate in the wide range of in-house activities offered.